1. The Local taxes, VAT and other duties will be paid by you. As we can not calculate, how much the local authorities are charging and what are the custom laws in different countries? Apart from these taxes, if there are some other additional taxes in your country or region, that will be completely paid by you.

2. The rights of design of the cards including their parts solely lie with the company; however, if a customer wants to change the design, it can be done considering the factors like feasibility, availability of the desired material and possibility. As to maintain originality, there will be a press line K Paper Craft at the back of the invitation. In case the customer does not want the press line, he can ask for its removal as well, while making the order or any time in the process.

3. We ensure to the customers about the design and the shade of the cards, however, there might be a possibility that in future there could be a slight change in the color and texture of the cards. There is a possibility of change in color of the samples and the main bulk order made in a later date.

4. There might be a possibility of difference in shade between the actual color of card and the image shown on the website. As these images are in JPEG format, the color depends on the resolution of the computer monitors. So kindly ask about the exact colors before placing the order or during the proof procedure.

5. We are responsible for any printing mistake, if made in the final invitations, after your approval of proofs. We produce exactly the same format which is on the last version of proofs finalized by you. Proof approval is the sole responsibility of the customer. However, there might be a difference in the shade/ color of the ink, as the printing is a manual process. We try to give the exact color shade but the as the mixing of colors is manual, so there could be a possibility of very slight color difference, as compared to the images on the computer.

6. If you are in hurry for the wedding invitations or bar/bat mitzvah invitation order, kindly inform us through e-mail well in advance so that we can keep your cards reserved. The bulk order supply is subjected to availability of the cards in stock.

7. In case, you do not like our products and want to change or want any refund in lieu of that, the printed cards will not be changed in any case, however you can send the blank cards back to us, but you have to bear the shipping charges (To & Fro). (For more details about refund, kindly refer to refund policy section).

8. We use world’s number one shipment services UPS / FedEx (mainly as per our company policy) as our carrier, and we ensure that the invitations reach to you in perfect state without any damage and in timely manner; however, we are not responsible for the situations beyond our control.

9. Any changes made in the cards regarding paper material, design or size, as instructed by the customer, and are deviated from the original design as shown on the website, will be considered as a customization, and will be chargeable. Any change in the price of the cards will be informed by us while working on proofs. The price change will depend on the type of customization you are looking for.

10. As standard, all the envelopes come without any self adhesive. We recommend using of good quality double sided tape for sealing them.

11. KPC Internationl is holding company for the website. So please note the charges appearing on your credit / debit card statement will be as “KPC Internationl” instead of website name.




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